Meeting Space - West Memorial

When the occasion requires your team’s productivity and creativity to kick into overdrive, CUBExec will make your next off-site meeting spectacular.

Houston meeting space with floor to ceiling windows. Conference room has table and chairs for 4.

Meeting Rooms that Inspire creativity and productivity

Choose from a variety of meeting rooms and and engage in interactive and thought-provoking sessions. We created the space to keep the team focused and productive throughout the day.

Houston meeting rooms with space for 8. Conference room has TV and whiteboard for use.


A boardroom for important conversations and ideas.

  • Glass wall lets in inspiring amounts of light.
  • Glass whiteboard
  • Breakout rooms available
  • Easy laptop wireless connection to 65” TV via AirPlay or HDMI
  • Seats up to 12 
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Houston meeting space with floor to ceiling windows. Conference room has table and chairs for 4.

Executive Room

A professional space with great views, perfect for signing papers or making a presentation.

  • Corner room with floor-to-ceiling windows with great views
  • A solid wood round table and refined leather chairs
  • Whiteboards for collaboration
  • Seats up to 6
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Houston meeting rooms. Perfect for interviews or private phone calls, room has 4 chairs.

Interview Room

A small efficient office for interviews or private focus time with comfortable seating.

  • Nice size for one-on-one meetings
  • Seats up to 4
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Coworking space in North Dallas. Pillows allow for comfortable shared office space.

Creative Room

Say goodbye to formal meetings. This is the place to roll up your sleeves and get some creative collaboration going.

  • Large whiteboards for thinking and doodling
  • Props to stimulate conversation
  • Bright Rubik’s Cube-–inspired colors
  • Comfortable seating
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Houston meeting room with many desks to seat 2. Conference room is perfect for trainings or seminars.

Training Room

This space is perfect for large meetings and sales, education, or sales training sessions.

  • Configurable to your needs, either classroom style or in a horseshoe formation
  • Whiteboard for ideation
  • Projector/screen with easy laptop connection via HDMI
  • Break room next door
  • Seats up to 24
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Coworking space Houston with large sofas and lots of seating.

Open Area

Offices adjacent to this area especially enjoy the extra space to stretch out.

  • Couches offer comfortable seating for casual conversation
  • Tables also offer places to work
  • Fun, colorful artwork inspires bright ideas
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Fully equipped for a productive meeting.

  • High-speed Internet
  • Whiteboards
  • TV with wireless screen mirroring capability for laptops
  • Free parking
  • Complimentary refreshments
Coworking space in Phoenix. Availability includes coworking, office spaces, and meeting rooms.

Your health is a top priority.

We follow extra safety and health protocols so you and your team can enjoy peace of mind.